Waverly Restaurant — 74.1 decibels

Photo credit: quietcitymap

Photo credit: quietcitymap

The name maybe be Waverly Restaurant but this West Village mainstay is a quintessential diner with booths and counter service.  There is a full menu offering a wide range of items.  You can’t go wrong with their burgers and sandwiches, but they shine with their breakfasts.  Eggs, meat of choice, and potatoes come to the table in a small frying pan resting on a wooden plank.  The food is hot and the potatoes are actually worth eating.  And service is friendly and efficient.

For an 11:00 a.m.-to-noon visit the sound level was a comfortable 74.1 decibels.  The reading must have reflected the bustle of waiters running back and forth, because the background music was low and the surrounding chatter was manageable.   In a different space 74.1 decibels could have been uncomfortable, but not here.  That said, the restaurant was busy but not packed.  A line forms at the door after 12:00 p.m. during busy weekend brunch hours, so go earlier or be prepared to wait 15 minutes or so.


Open 24 hours every day


385 6th Avenue (at the corner of Waverly Place), New York, NY 10014


Waverly Restaurant


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