Superiority Burger — 76.6 decibels

Photo credit: Quiet City Maps

Superiority Burger has deservedly received raves for its first-rate vegetarian and vegan food.  It occupies a tight space, with seating for maybe seven people.  There are no tables, really, just  tiny table tops that swing out to allow you to sit.  The feeling is not unlike sitting at a children’s desk in elementary school.  In short, it’s not particularly comfortable, but it gets the job done.  You order, you eat, and you leave.  Superiority Burger is not a place where you linger.

It was loud when we entered because of the music, but when the song finally concluded things improved with the next tune.  Because of the limited seating, it really can’t get too loud even with a space full of hard surfaces (mainly subway tile, metal, and glass).  The menu has seven items: three sandwiches, one side, two beverages, and gelato or sorbet, but specials are posted as well.  We didn’t care about the short menu as we would have been happy ordering everything that was listed.

Photo credit: Quiet City Maps

Photo credit: Quiet City Maps

Given the name of the place, and the hype surrounding their famed burger, we ordered one with cheese (real cheese, but a vegan cheese is also available) and a side order of their burnt broccoli salad.  The burger was delicious and the broccoli salad was outstanding.  Superiority Burger lives up to the hype.  Despite the (initially) louder-then-needed music and quirky seating, we would recommend a visit.


Wednesday through Monday: 11:30 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

Closed Tuesday


Street (betw. 1st Street and Avenue A), New York, NY 10009


Superiority Burger

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