Bel Canto Condominium — 61.1 decibels

Not pretty, but at 61.1 decibels who cares?

Not pretty, but at 61.1 decibels who cares?

The Bel Canto Condominium is home to a publicly owned private space (POPS) that was absolutely serene on our weekday noontime visit.  There were only seven other people present, some eating, some not, and everyone was quiet–no conversations, no cell phones, no extraneous noise.  The building owners must have invested in special windows because the location was busy and there was a lot of street noise outside the building, but inside it was as quiet as a library reading room.

That said, you wouldn’t call this POPS pretty.  According to the APOPS review linked below, there used to be a restaurant in the space but it must have closed some time ago.  On our visit there were simply a number of mismatched chairs in various states of disrepair coupled with plain-bordering-on-ugly utilitarian tables.  There also were absolutely no amenities offered–no cafe, newstand, or public toilets–just peace and quiet.

If you are on the Upper West Side, crave some quiet, and don’t care about being in a beautiful space, try this POPS.


8:00 a.m. to midnight every day


1991 Broadway (betw. 67th and 68th Streets), NY, NY 10023


APOPS review of Bel Canto

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