Connolly’s Pub & Restaurant — 71.5 to 86.7 decibels

You’ll get reliable pub grub from this local chain restaurant (two other midtown locations).  Aim for the first floor back dining room, which is carpeted and, importantly, physically separated from a very popular front bar.  A lunch time visit in that space was a pleasant 71.5 decibels and conversation was easy, though we must note that the room was only half full.  There are flat screen tvs the bar and dining rooms, but the tv volume in the first floor dining room was fairly low.

A visit to the second floor dining room was awful.  The second floor dining room is a large space, with no separation between the bar and the dining tables.  The place was packed, there was unnecessary background music, and anyone attempting to speak was screaming.  No surprise, then, that the visit averaged a punishing 86.7 decibels. Lowering or turning off the background music would have helped, but we don’t think that doing that would have lowered the volume enough to make the room pleasant or even tolerable.  It was simply too big and crowded and there was little available to absorb the sound.

Connolly’s is an obviously popular place, both for eating and drinking.  The front bar is very busy and loud at happy hour.  If you want to grab a bite, stick to the first floor back dining room.  If that room is unavailable, then avoid unless the place is empty.  As with most places, the bar and dining rooms may be bearable during off hours.


Wednesday through Friday: 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 a.m. for food, bar open later

Saturday through Tuesday: 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m. for food, bar open later


14 E. 47th Street (betw. 5th and Madison Avenues), NY, NY 10017


Connolly’s Pub & Restaurant

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