Coffee Foundry — 68.5 to 71.5 decibels CLOSED

Photo credit: Quiet City Maps

Photo credit: Quiet City Maps

Coffee Foundry is our current favorite coffee shop, so we’ve had a number of visits.  Our first visit clocked in at a surprising 71.5 decibels.  Why was that surprising?  Because we did not expect to find a relatively quiet coffee shop on usually loud, and often raucous W. 4th Street in the heart of the West Village.  Background music was playing but the volume was very low, and only a few people were chatting (and they were chatting quietly).  The space is filled with hard surfaces, but there appears to be acoustic tiles on the ceiling.  That makes sense as  Coffee Foundry is an ongoing pop-up in a karaoke bar (the bar starts after the coffee shop closes).

It’s obvious that the space is a favorite of the laptop brigade, which explains why it is so calm.  And why wouldn’t it be a favorite?  Coffee Foundry offers them useful amenities, such as electric outlets along the bar, co-working spaces for rent, and an $11 unlimited tea/coffee offer (but not special tea or coffees).

Photo credit: Helene Gross

Photo credit: Helene Gross

Our second visit was even better than the first–the reading clocked in at a very respectable 70.1 decibels.  The crowd was very quiet, with most  staring at their laptops.  There was some unnecessary background music but, as during our first visit, the volume was very low.  This time there was one chatty and animated guy who apparently didn’t notice that everyone else was working (or otherwise quiet).  There almost always is one.

Finally, our most recent visit came in at only 68.5 decibels.  The music was a bit louder than we would liked this time, but the reading was under 70 decibels (and we were under the speaker).

The reason Coffee Foundry is so peaceful is that most people come here alone to do work, but it doesn’t feel like a library or an office.  It’s a comfortable space with varied seating (stools and tables/chairs), sweet and savory offerings, and outstanding service.  The two guys who are most frequently behind the bar are friendly and more than accommodating.   So come and visit.  Just don’t be the chatty guy.


Monday through Friday:


Closed Sunday


Street (betw. Barrow and Jones), New York, NY 10014


Coffee Foundry

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